Power up your Zoom meetings with Wingman!

Zoom with Wingman for better sales meetings

Wingman automatically records, transcribes and analyzes your Zoom meetings. So you can focus on the conversation, review sales calls efficiently and close more deals.
Forget the notes, focus on the conversation

Forget the notes, focus on the conversation

Wingman automatically joins, records and transcribes your Zoom meetings, so all your attention is on your prospect. On addressing objections, on moving the conversation forward, on closing the deal... you get the drift.

Your call recording is transcribed, analyzed and ready to review on Wingman as soon as the meeting ends.

Work with your favorite sales tools

Zoom and HubSpot or Salesforce, Google or Outlook Calendar and Slack—Wingman seamlessly integrates with the tools you use every day.

Sales meetings on your calendar are automatically recorded and analyzed (you can turn recording off when needed), call reviews are enriched with account and deal data from your CRM and you can even set up Slack/email alerts to tell you when there's coaching feedback on your sales calls.
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Rapidly spot and adopt winning sales tactics

Rapidly spot and adopt winning sales tactics

Wingman automatically analyzes your Zoom meetings for topics, questions, blockers, next steps and even competitor mentions.

AI-powered conversation intelligence helps you rapidly identify patterns that lead to successful outcomes, coach your sales team on winning tactics and track adoption on subsequent sales calls with ease.

Faster, more effective sales onboarding

Give your reps a flying start with game tapes—collections of save-worthy, share-worthy moments from all your Zoom meetings.

From sales discovery and objection handling to pricing and negotiation, easily create game tapes for every training need to speed up sales onboarding.
50% faster sales onboarding

Power up your Zoom meetings with Wingman!

Wingman has made coaching easy. Knowledge sharing is now seamless and tagging other members of the team to gather thoughts and ideas on how to best address a specific question or use case is made easy.

Abhilash M

Enterprise Sales Executive,

Wingman is a game changer. It has totally changed the way I review and study calls by cleanly organizing and allowing me to read, re-read, and skim through entire sales calls. Wingman totally lives the sales training motto of: listen to your own calls, study your managers, learn from the past and apply it to the future.

David S

Appreciation Financial

Our customers say Wingman is a game changer!

Awesome tool for call tracking. It is very easy to use as Wingman connects automatically to every call, to both Zoom and Google Hangouts. It is super cool because no extra steps are required and you can't forget to connect it to a call.

Veronika Y


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sync Zoom with Wingman?

Connect your Google/Outlook Calendar to Wingman and it’ll automatically join scheduled meetings with a Zoom link (Google Meet or Microsoft Teams) and external participants. Learn More.

How do I toggle recording off for a meeting?

For a scheduled meeting, go to Wingman and toggle the recording button next to the upcoming event. You can remove from an ongoing meeting too. Here's how.

Where is my recent Zoom call recording?

Go to Wingman and click on My Calls. Give Wingman a few minutes to work its magic—transcribing and analyzing your call recording—and it’ll show up under My Calls.

What about ad hoc Zoom meetings? Can I record them with Wingman?

Yup! You can add Wingman to an ad hoc Zoom meeting with one click. Copy your meeting link and go to Wingman. Click Join my meeting on the bottom-left, fill in meeting info, and click Join.

Power up your Zoom meetings with Wingman!