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Deal Central is your single source of truth to see what’s
happening in your sales pipeline, from first interaction to close.

Use Deal Central to zoom in on deals at risk, nudge more
to the finish line and build trust in your pipeline. One stop shop for your revenue enablement needs

Hello, actionable deal intelligence.

Early warning system for at-risk deals

Zoom in on deals that need attention. Pricing not discussed or no decision maker? Wingman proactively highlights pipeline risks based on all sales interactions. Don't lose deals because you didn’t know.

Deal Central integrated with Hubspot is great! I use it with my team for deal reviews and warnings are helpful in bringing our attention to deals at risk.

Leonard Rakoswky
Sales, Customer Success & Partner Programs, Orthosnap
Build trust in your pipeline forecasts

No hearsay, happy ears or opinions. Wingman’s two-way CRM sync keeps your sales data fresh and accurate. Review deals by confidence % or at-risk signals such as low activity and competitor mentions. Make better decisions based on facts.

Wingman gives me clear visibility into exactly where any deal is in the pipeline. This saves me hours each week and improves forecast accuracy.

Kevin Clark
SVP Sales, Synup
Don’t let your hard-earned deals slip away

Close every deal. No leaky buckets. View all deal activity—emails, video meetings and dialer calls—with conversation insights, in one place. Spot gaps, course-correct and nudge more deals to the finish line.

Would recommend Wingman if you are looking to get deal intelligence an d are trying to figure out where certain deals are lost or won.

David Strom
Administrator, Appreciation Financial
Clarity, not clutter for deal reviews

Get the true picture. Wingman extracts key details such as stakeholder job titles from your sales calls and emails. So you automagically know who your decision makers are on every opportunity.

We use Wingman for both sales and product calls. Great user experience! Love the Deal Central and "highlights" features.

Andy Carlson
Director of Sales, Avo

Single source of truth for all your deals

Zero CRM housekeeping

Contacts, accounts, opportunities—everything syncs automatically. No data entry. No housekeeping. All you do is connect Wingman to your CRM.

Update key deal data inline

Nothing kills sales momentum like bad data. Easily edit deal info such as close date, deal stage or opportunity value, inline. Updates are synced to your CRM pronto.

Make pipeline reviews actionable

With Deal Central, you know exactly which deals to focus your attention on. Pipeline reviews become less “What’s going on?” and more “What needs action?”.

Stress-free sales handoffs

All interactions on a deal—video meetings, dialer calls and emails—are in one place. Your SDRs, AEs and CSMs have all the context they need to help customers succeed.

Modern sales teams love Wingman

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