Sales performance analysis made powerful with conversation intelligence

Move to a smarter way of measuring and improving your sales team’s performance. Wingman automatically analyzes your sales calls and gives you the insights you need to push your team to excellence.

AI-assisted sales performance analysis that makes you a better sales manager and your reps, better performers

Visual snapshot of your team’s performance

Still poring through endless Excel tables to understand your sales team’s performance? From total calls made to talk:listen ratio, view the most important sales performance metrics at a glance with Wingman.

Review impact of call dynamics on deal closing

One of the most impactful things a manager can do is find and replicate successful patterns between deal outcomes and sales behaviors. Stop the guesswork and see clear links between deal closing and handling.

Deep insights around any topic or keyword

Understand every sales call, without being on even a single sales call. Get granular insights into what was discussed on a call, from product features and pricing to objection handling and the competition.

Ready to better analyze your sales team’s performance?

Wingman is great for global multi-segment sales teams. As the VP of Sales, I get dashboard and report views of key questions and terms coming up in conversations while the reps get contextual battle cards. Awesome value for money.

Germain Brion

Senior Vice President
Of Global Sales, Chargebee

Wingman has helped me take back control of call coaching, controlling consistent messaging and more. At the end of a day or week, I can quickly go see the results from 1000s of calls across 12+ people and ascertain which people need help and even where they struggled.

Elliot P

Head of Inside Sales,

Coaching your team to greatness takes Wingman

As a remote team, we need to constantly coach and provide feedback on calls. Wingman enables us to easily find relevant conversations using AI and text analysis and help the team sell more.

Daniel K


Sales performance analysis that understands your team and gives you the insights they need.

Spot and share winning sales tactics
Finding the winning sales formula takes time and effort. Said everyone who’s not using Wingman!
Make your sales coaching more scientific
Move from guesstimates, your memory or half-baked data and upskill your team the better way.
Create an open, learning culture in the team
Democratize access to data and insights. Takes a village to raise the revenue after all.
Check sales playbook adoption
See for yourself whether your reps are playing by the rules and understand what's working.

Sales performance analysis with Wingman 101

Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from total calls, what other metrics does Wingman provide me out of the box?

We help you understand rep performance with metrics including engaging questions, long monologue duration, interactivity, etc.

I want to clone my A reps, will Wingman help me with identifying their winning ways?

Absolutely! We believe that the better can always be made best. You can easily see how your top reps handle calls - from interactivity and questions asked, to follow-ups and next steps. And what’s more - all this information is freely available to your team as well so they can improve their performance continuously.

We just rolled out a new sales playbook, but aren't sure if reps have started using it. How will Wingman help?

With Wingman, you can see whether your reps are using the approved sales pitch and overall messaging in customer conversations. 
Our AI-powered engine automatically detects key metrics such as questions asked and mentions of important phrases or keywords, including next steps, competitors, features or discounts.

How does Wingman show correlations between call trends and deal outcomes?

With Wingman, you get an out-of-the-box integration with your CRM. So, deal information such as stages, value and outcomes (won or lost) automatically show up in Wingman. From there, you see a clean visual snapshot of how deal interactions and deal outcomes are linked.

We have different sales teams, will I be able to understand metrics and benchmarks by team?

Yes, you can easily filter the performance of reps based on their team. One click away.

I don't have time to set up yet another tool. Can Wingman work without any set up?

Yes, yes and yes. You just need to push one button to sync your calendar, so Wingman knows which calls to join. We’ve already trained the AI dragon so everything else - live cues, alerts, popular keyword tracking - works automatically for you. You can always go back and mix things up later. Your account manager will also help you set up any customized trackers (competitors and product features are the most popular in this category).

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