Total pipeline visibility.
Better conversions.

With Wingman, you know where every deal is in your sales pipeline. You focus on what needs attention. You nudge more deals to the finish line, so conversions go up and up and up.

Bird’s eye view or blow-by-blow... why not both?
Meet your Deal Central.

360-degree view of your pipeline

Get total pipeline visibility with deal intelligence from your calls, video meetings, emails, CRM and your notes — all in one place. View deal activity at a glance or click on a deal to dive into specific customer interactions. In short, you see everything.

Spot at-risk deals from miles away

Wingman automatically shines a light on deals with low activity, where pricing isn't discussed or no decision makers are involved. So you see all the way to the horizon, zoom in on deals that need attention and steer your reps in the right direction.

Make pipeline reviews actionable

Go from review to action without missing a beat. Update deal data inline (close date, deal stage, probability, deal value and so on) and Wingman syncs with your Salesforce/HubSpot CRM pronto.

Never let a deal slip away

Don’t wait for pipeline reviews to take action. Pipe in customizable deal alerts from Wingman directly in your Slack/inbox. You instantly know which deals to focus on at any moment, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Boost conversions with Wingman Deal Central.

Wingman gives me clear visibility into exactly where any deal is in the pipeline. This saves me hours each week, improves forecast accuracy and helps us train our growing and now distributed sales force.

Kevin Clark

SVP Sales,

Would recommend Wingman if you are looking to get deal intelligence and are trying to figure out where certain deals are lost or won. If you are looking to coach your sales team in this process, Wingman is the product for you.

David S

Appreciation Financial

Trusted by sales leaders, managers and reps everywhere

If you’re not using a call recording platform like Wingman as a frontline sales manager, you’re doing it all wrong. I find my team appreciates when I can highlight themes or focus areas in bite-sized moments.

Paul De Barros

Sales Manager,

Why sales teams love Deal Central

Faster, more effective pipeline reviews
From activity charts and saved views to customizable warnings and Slack alerts, Wingman simplifies how you review deals across your sales pipeline and helps you focus on what needs attention.
Nudge more deals to the finish line
When reviewing key deals, access to all customer interactions — emails, video meetings and dialer calls — in Wingman makes it easier to spot gaps and share coaching feedback for your reps.
Keeps your sales data accurate
Nothing kills sales momentum like bad data, so it’s easy to quickly review and update key deal data in Wingman. It takes a click. That’s it. Keeping your sales data accurate has never been easier.
Identify sales tactics that lead to wins
Are your reps asking the right questions? Wingman’s insights into conversation topics and call dynamics help you identify sales behaviours and winning tactics that make conversion rates go through the roof.

deal intelligence with Wingman 101

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wingman work with Salesforce?

Yes. Wingman syncs customer, account and deal info from your Salesforce CRM alongside customer interactions (emails from CRM, video meetings from calendar and even call recordings from your dialer) so you have all the deal intelligence you need to nudge them to the finish line.

Does Wingman integrate with HubSpot?

Yes. Wingman syncs both customer, account and deal info from your HubSpot CRM and customer interactions (emails from CRM, video meetings from calendar and even call recordings from your HubSpot dialer) to power up your pipeline reviews.

Will my Pipedrive data sync with Wingman?

Yes. Wingman syncs customer, account and deal info from Pipedrive, so you can review deals more efficiently and coach your reps to close more deals.

Ready to close more deals with Wingman?